Let the Anaheim Transportation Network assist you with helping your Employees commute to work.

Whether you are starting a new Rideshare program or expanding your existing program, the ATN can help you.

Your employees arrive to work less stressed and relaxed, free up parking spaces, and reduce the Carbon Footprint to your worksite, while keeping you in compliance with the SCAQMD regulations.

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OCTA Bus Pass Program

Let the ATN help you get your employees to work. You may purchase your OCTA bus passes for employees through the ATN.

Riding the bus is an affordable commute option for all employees. Employees save on automobile expenses, gas, parking, and insurance.

The ATN will purchase and deliver the OCTA passes to your worksite. Take advantage of this opportunity to save time and money for your employees.

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Metrolink Corporate Pass Program

Relax and let Metrolink do the driving. Read a book, take a nap, ride the train and save.

Employers with 5 employees or more can participate in the Corporate Pass Program, Let the ATN order your passes and deliver to your company. Employers can offer these passes as an employee benefit or incentive.

The benefits to riding Metrolink:

Employees relax, listen to music, catch up on facebook, and arrive to work less stressed when they let Metrolink do the driving.

Metrolink passes offer employees free connections from any Metrolink station to their worksite.

Passes delivered to worksite
No hassling with traffic or finding parking

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Your employees arrive to work happy, relaxed and ready for the work day. Why? Because they let someone else do the driving today…By vanpooling to work, employees arrive on time, and less stressed.

Vanpools seat 6-15 passengers, saving money, gas, time, and parking.

Vanpools originating in Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties are eligible for the OCTA vanpool incentive reducing the overall cost of the van by $400.00 per month.

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Guaranteed Ride Home

Yes! Your employee will have a ride home!! Always…. All ATN Rideshare Program members are automatically eligible for our Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Your employee will rideshare knowing they always have a way to get home in case of an emergency.

There are simple guidelines for the ATN Guaranteed Ride Home Program – family emergency, unexpected overtime, or an employee illness. We are there for you!

Simple Steps:

Have your employee contact Human Resources, or their ETC.
Your representative calls the ATN.
ATN contacts the taxi cab company to provide the Guaranteed Ride Home.


Peace of mind for employee and employer.
No cost to employer or employee.
Helps employers meet the SCAQMD requirements of Rule 2202.


Must be an employer within the City of Anaheim and enroll with the ATN.
Please contact Lynn Keller, Administrative Services Specialist for details at (714) 563-5287 or email to lkeller@atnetwork.org.

SCAQMD Rule 2202

Anaheim employers with 250 or more employees are regulated by SCAQMD Rule 2202. Employers are required to conduct a survey annually to determine the company’s Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR). Let the ATN assist you with your survey and preparation of your SCAQMD plan.

Let us save you time and money! The ATN can assist you with all of your SCAQMD requirements.

Your company will need to have a representative trained and certified by the SCAQMD. Let The ATN be your resource and your company’s Rideshare Representative. From writing the plan, to implementation and surveying, the ATN can be your resource.

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